Tax Strategies

Tax Strategies

Every responsible financial strategy should include knowledge of tax methods and the management of one’s tax obligation. Some taxes can be delayed, while others may be reduced via tax-efficient investing. You may be able to mitigate the influence of taxes on your financial efforts if you prepare carefully and regularly. 
There are different types of taxes, and each one can have a profound impact on your financial strategy. The primary step to reducing the power that taxes have over you is to understand the various kinds that exist and might apply to you. 

Income tax: This is the tax you pay on your income from employment, investments, or business activities. The amount of income tax you pay will be determined by your marginal tax rate, which is based on the amount of money you earn each year.
Capital gains tax is a federal government tax on the profit you make when selling assets like stocks, real estate, or investments for more than what you paid for them. The amount of capital gains taxes you pay will be determined by your marginal rate and the time frame you have held the investment.
There are other types of taxes that may apply to you, depending on your situation. Our Tax Strategy Services include:

  • Tax Liabilities
  • Review of cost basis
  • Retirement Accounts
  • Contribution/Distribution Strategies
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